Nu Project’s mission is to build intergenerational wealth via the legal cannabis industry for the communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization – Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o/x communities. Nu Project’s programs are designed to increase success outcomes for people of color in the cannabis industry either as business owners or professionals.

Nu Project’s work is specifically designed to address three most common equity hurdles for all marginalized groups when starting a business or a professional career: capital, education/exposure, and connection. Nu Project provides funding for cannabis businesses, skill-building and mentoring for entrepreneurs and professionals, national and state equity policy development and advocacy.


NuNetwork mentors are leaders in the cannabis industry –
award-winning business owners, C-suite executives, and leading subject matter experts. Our diverse group of mentors are committed to helping people of color overcome equity hurdles.

NuNetwork is an additional benefit to NuFuel and NuSchool program particpants. While we do some mentor match-making, we encourage mentees to establish relationships with mentors so when the need arises you may set up regular mentoring sessions within your mentor(s) schedule. 

Unsure how to engage as a mentor? Mentors can contribute by helping entrepreneurs problem-solve short-term issues and engage in strategic long-term business planning. Mentors can also help entrepreneurs by sharing the power of their contacts to make connections and introductions.

Interested in becoming a mentor? We always welcome interested candidates to sign up for more information.


We facilitate a personalized business accelerator for owners moving too fast to stop for a traditional boot camp.

NuSchool is targeted and personalized so business owners get fast, effective knowledge, mentorship and up-skillinge.

51% of business ownership must be people of color.


NuSchool provides education, resources, training and specialty expertise with a specific lens for businesses of color. Business owners in the NuSchool program have unlimited use of the
on-demand services to plan for the future and resolve immediate crises.

Businesses are matched with curriculum, training, and experts to tackle biggest opportunity or solve biggest challenge. Businesses can apply to be a NuSchool business below.


NuProfessional is a job board for professionals of color interested in joining the cannabis industry. There are many paths to wealth creation via the legal cannabis industry. Meaningful careers at fast growing cannabis companies can build wealth. (Think Google employee #53) We believe Black and brown people should be included in that wealth building opportunity. 

NuProfessional aims to increase diversity among professional roles in fast growing cannabis companies by being a hub for diverse, talented professionals.  

Cannabis companies tell us diversity is a priority and they want access to more diverse talent. Professionals of color want to connect with good companies and have the right information to make smart career decisions.

If you are a professional interested in the cannabis industry, sign up to be in our community.

If you are an employer committed to increasing diversity,  learn more about becoming an annual member to post jobs and more.



Funding for cannabis businesses with a priority placed on funding businesses 51%+ owned by people from communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization — Black, Indigenous and Latina/o/x.

Funding options include: 

– 0% interest loans, which are available for businesses 365

– Annual grant cycle opens once a year

– Relief grants no longer available (round 2 closed)

funded to BIPOC entrepreneurs


ROUND 2: COVID-19 Relief Grants are available up to $15,000.

Round 2 COVID-19 Relief Grants have closed. Portland-area cannabis businesses, majority BIPOC-owned, received $170,000 in relief funds. If you missed this round, click below to get updates on funding rounds. 

Annual grants are available up to $80,000. Grants are awarded via an application cycle that opens spring 2021. Application will be available online. Sign up to be notified.

AVAILABLE NOW: Up to $25,000 via 0%-interest loan for Oregon-based businesses. These loans provide no-cost, extended payment term financing to the most underfunded businesses: BIPOC-owned cannabis businesses. Apply today for funding within 21 days. Available to Oregon based businesses.