NuProject’s programs increase success outcomes for cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals of color. Our work addresses the three most prevalent equity hurdles: capital, education, and connection. We provide funding for cannabis businesses, knowledge-building for entrepreneurs and professionals, and a mentoring network and jobs board to make door-opening connections.

NuSchool is our equity-centered model for accelerating historically-excluded founders’ business growth by combining a traditional accelerator with a startup studio. Via this new hybrid school, we believe we can spark scale-able, sustained growth for our NuSchool businesses igniting a shift in success rates for BIPOC cannabis companies.

NuSchool meets an underserved need: accelerating historically excluded founders’ revenue-generating cannabis businesses into high-growth firms. NuSchool is in the weeds on:

How do you create generational wealth for BIPOC companies that rivals the wealth being created by White-owned companies?
How do you create radical, real, power-shifting equity through BIPOC business ownership?

NuSchool is a model we developed after hands-on experience supporting historically excluded entrepreneurs as they attempt to cross the hurdles keeping these business owners from achieving the same success rates as their well-capitalized counterparts. NuSchool businesses receive a combination of accelerator-style learning from experienced founders and hands-on C-suite business support akin to a startup studio. All NuSchool businesses receive grant funding which starts at $25,000 and goes up. All NuSchool businesses commit to a minimum of 6-months of business-planning support, mentoring, and education. NuSchool accepts businesses into its program year-round based on fit between entrepreneur and the program. Not every entrepreneur is ready for intensive business acceleration. For entrepreneurs who are ready, click here for more information on NuSchool. We are currently accepting applications for U.S.-based, plant-touching and ancillary, THC and CBD businesses.

To support BIPOC business growth via NuSchool as a funding partner, click here.

The NuProfessional is a job board and community for professionals of color who are interested in joining the cannabis industry. NuProfessional aims to increase diversity among professional roles in fast growing cannabis companies.

Leaders in cannabis companies tell us diversity is a priority and they want access to more diverse talent. Professionals of color want to be connected to good companies and have the right information to make smart career decisions.

If you are a professional
interested in a career leap to the cannabis industry, join the NuProfessional job board.

If you are an employer
committed to increasing the diversity of your team at all levels, join Nuprofessional the Jobs Page to learn more about becoming an annual member to post jobs and more.

BIPOC entrepreneurs have historically been excluded from the networks that create wealth. NuNetwork provides BIPOC entrepreneurs with mentors and connectors who can close network gaps. We’re looking for mentors and subject matter experts from across the U.S. and Canada who are willing to lend some time – as little or as much as you can – to the NuProject entrepreneurs in our network. Based on our entrepreneurs’ needs and the time a mentor can give, NuNetwork participation can vary, including:
  • formal recurring mentoring relationships
  • one-time meetings to provide real-time subject matter expertise
  • Warm introductions to hard-to-reach contacts

The more leaders in our network, the more effective the network. Interested in becoming a mentor? Click the links below to complete our interest form to kick off the process of joining NuNetwork as a mentor or as an entrepreneur to be mentored.

Funding for cannabis businesses with a priority placed on funding businesses 51%+ owned by people from communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization — Black, Indigenous and Latina/o/x.
Funding options include:

funded to historically
excluded entrepreneurs

$1 Million

0% interest loans

0% interest loans, which are available to revenue-generating businesses 365 days a year; average loan size

$15,000 – $25,000

Low-interest loans

Why Loans?

  • To recirculate funds and grow more businesses from this capital
  • To prepare founders for larger capital investments via bank-funded financing
  • Founders retain company ownership versus investment capital
  • NuFuel loans establish valuable business credit


Grants are available to startup and revenue-generating businesses located within the state of Oregon.