The legal cannabis industry has the power to repair harm in the communities over-policed and disproportionately arrested under cannabis prohibition. Collectively, we can create a cannabis industry that brings economic justice and opportunity to Black and brown communities.

With your support, Nuleaf Project’s economic justice work repairs harm and creates a more equitable and diverse cannabis industry.

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Nuleaf Project Programs

NuLeaf Project’s mission is to build intergenerational wealth via the legal cannabis industry for the communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization – Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o/x communities. NLP’s programs increase success outcomes for people of color in the cannabis industry either as business owners or professionals.

NuLeaf Project’s work is specifically designed to address three most common equity hurdles for all marginalized groups when starting a business or a professional career: capital, education/exposure, and connection. NuLeaf Project’s work includes:

— Funding for cannabis businesses
— Skill-building and mentoring for entrepreneurs and professionals
— National and state equity policy development and advocacy

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Learn about NuLeaf Project’s economic justice programs – how we create equity, opportunity and paths to diversity.

Equity Policy

We can create a better industry and policy is a necessary component of delivering on equity, diversity and justice. Cannabis policy can increase hurdles that hinder diversity or take equitable approaches that drive diversity, innovation, and growth.

Nuleaf Project believes cannabis equity should be part of every legal cannabis market. To help make that happen, we:
— Lobby for cannabis equity in Oregon and advocate for cannabis equity policy across the U.S.
— Spearhead the creation of cannabis equity policy in Oregon and consult on cannabis policy across the U.S.
— Provide education and research to share our knowledge of equity policy

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