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Love camp - NU Project

Oct 1 - 3, 2023

Mohonk Mountain House


The mission:

Exclusively for 30 historically-excluded, founder-CEOs who leave their business for 3 days for an all-expenses-paid luxury wellness retreat. Love Camp for Founder Wellness renews, reinvigorates, and creates space for overworked founders to engage in the strategic thinking and consciousness shifting necessary for growth and innovation.



Black, brown and female founders jump more hurdles than their peers to launch and sustain businesses. Love Camp gives historically-excluded founders the space to be cared for, coached, and connected with mentors and funders to help these incredible founders grow to their next level. 

All Love Camp for Founder Wellness expenses are paid, which is the starting point for delivering wellness care for undercapitalized founders. Finances are the number one contributing stress factor for all entrepreneurs. Love Camp sponsors cover all costs at Camp to eliminate this stress for founders to freely indulge in the luxuries of camp and make way for the consciousness shifts we are after.

Every meal and snack, self-care services, 3 night accommodations and camp essentials box are provided by Love Camp for Founder Wellness sponsors. Campers cover cost of travel to and from the camp location.



Love Camp for Founder Wellness will be held at Mohonk Mountain House in New York’s Hudson Valley. The Mountain House sits atop Mohonk Mountain next to a glacial lake and calls home 1,200 acres of preserved woodland named one of the “Last Great Places” on Earth by the Nature Conservancy. Immersion in a breathtaking natural setting is a key element of Camp’s self-renewal experience.

A green hotel with a commitment to organic and sustainable materials, Love Camp’s organic, farm-to-table experience includes three meals, morning and evening snacks, and drinks provided by Mohonk Mountain HouseLove Camp for Founder Wellness will include curated wellness experiences exclusively for our campers. Plus, the House’s diverse array of wellness and sport activities are available to camp attendees, including indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, show gardens, miles of hiking, and an award-winning organic spa.

Mohonk Mountain House Resort



A gnk Mountain HouseLove Camp for Founder Wellness will include cu


Development Coaching

  • How self-awareness leads to business growth
  • Actualizing the next level through self-growth
  • Mental and emotional endurance for the race

Business Technical Assistance

  • Culturally-responsive financial coaching 
  • Brand and marketing

Self-Care & Wellness

  • Yoga
  • Guided meditations
  • Lakeside cold/hot immersion therapy  
  • Sound bath
  •  Forest bathing
  • 85 miles of hiking trails, lake kayaking and more.

Coaching & Connectedness


Camp coaches will include leaders across cannabis and well-known CPG brands who will share their experiences and connections with attendees through 1:1 coaching sessions and during unstructured camp time around meals and libations. Camp sessions also includes curated conversations with peers and leaders to work through big entrepreneurial questions about personal growth, mission and balance. Intensive 1:1 coaching with the most seasoned brand leaders in the industry and beyond. Wellness experiences and self-care sessions allow founders to truly relax, shift their perspective and achieve breakthroughs.


Ben Cohen

entrepreneur. activist. philantropist. Co-Founder of Ben and Jerry's and founder of ben’s best blendz

Chuck Lacy

entrepreneur. investor. philantropist. President of Barred Rock Venture Capital Fund

Jesce Horton

entrepreneur. activist. connoisseur. founder of lowd. co-founder of mcba. co-founder of nuproject


More speaker-coaches to be announced



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