Oct 1 - 3, 2023

Mohonk Mountain House
New Paltz, NY


The mission:

Uplift founders through self-care, executive coaching, and community support to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Over 2 days and 20 hours of programmed content, Love Camp brings founders executive coaching balanced with self-care and self-renewal.

Founders go inward to grow outward and are cared for and coached by a team of professionals focused on their renewal and self-growth.

Camp includes: 

  • Farm-to-table, chef-prepared meals and snacks, wellness services, evening libations, 4-course sunset dinner where founders mingle with mentors
  • Executive coaching during event and continued 1:1 coaching following event 
  • Event accommodations for 3 nights (Check in Sun. Oct 1 and check out Wed. Oct 4) 


Development Coaching

Executive Development Coaching

  • How self-awareness leads to business growth
  • Unlocking the next level through self-growth
  • Mental and emotional endurance for the race
  • Emotional and situational intelligence to win

Business Technical Assistance

  • Understanding stages of startup growth
    Actualizing each level of growth
  • Trauma informed financial counseling

Founder Self-care

Engage in a mix of relaxation and self-care therapies including lake immersion spa therapy, yoga, meditation, warm ginger inhalation therapy, and much more.


Ben Cohen

entrepreneur. activist. philantropist. Co-Founder of Ben and Jerry's and founder of ben’s best blendz

Chuck Lacy

entrepreneur. investor. philantropist. President of Barred Rock Venture Capital Fund

Jesce Horton

entrepreneur. activist. connoisseur. founder of lowd. co-founder of mcba. co-founder of nuproject





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