For Founder Wellness

August 15-16, 2022
Portland, OR

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The Mission

Uplift founders through self-care, executive coaching, and community support to maximize their entrepreneurial potential.

At Love Camp retreat, founders go inward to grow outward and are cared for and coached by a team of professionals focused on their renewal and self-growth.


Small is the new big. To go deep with coaching and connections, Love Camp is limited to 20 founders.* A founder’s time is precious, Love Camp packs a lot into two long days. Luckily, it’s long days devoted to you. Be led through a curated experience of self-care and self-growth.


All-inclusive fee for one founder includes:

  • Organic, farm-to-table meals and snacks prepared by on-site chef with vegan and gluten-free options. Night one includes a fireside-prepared experience meal celebrating the best of Oregon’s summer.
  • Connections with funders and peers in a 5-course Founder/Funder Sunset Dinner  (infused at your discretion) with pre-dinner cocktails and post-dinner flower from local cultivators.
  • The dinner and camp guests will include NuProject’s extended network of funders from across the U.S. with track records funding historically excluded entrepreneurs. 
  • Airfare to and from PDX from founder’s closest major airport.
  • Four night hotel accommodations for founders traveling from outside of OR.
  • Group transport to and from hotel to Love Camp site, Peach Cheesecake Ranch.

Scroll below for details on Love Camp content and presenters.

*Apply today. Only a few Founder spots remain.



per founder

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Love Camp will be held at Peach Cheesecake Ranch in Corbett, Oregon, 25 minutes outside of Portland. Perched on a hill overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, PCR is a working organic farm with miles of walking trails and views of the Columbia River and Mount Hood. Immersion in the natural beauty and quiet of the Pacific Northwest is a key feature of founders’ self-renewal.




  • The ideal founder is from a historically excluded founder group — Black, Indigenous, Latina/o/x or other founder of color, woman-identifying, queer-identifying, person identifying with a disability, veteran.
  • Founder has managed to beat all the obstacles to own an operational cannabis plant-touching or ancillary business anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Founder can devote four days – two travel days and two intensive work days – to self-care and self growth. 

two-day camp:


Entrepreneur. Activist. Philanthropist.
Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s and Founder of Ben’s Best Blendz


Entrepreneur. Investor. Mentor.
President of Barred Rock Venture Capital Fund


Entrepreneur. Activist. Connoisseur.
Founder of LOWD and Co-Founder MCBA and NuProject.


Entrepreneur. Investor. Trendsetter.
President of Weber Willis Fund, Founder of Dada Supreme, and Co-Founder of Players Choice

30 Founders will attend Love Camp

Love camp is officially oversold! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we extended Love Camp attendees from 25 founders to 30. we were very sorry to not welcome every applicant to attend.

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