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We are unapologetically authentic.
We believe that being ourselves should be not just tolerated but accepted, and embraced. At Nimble, we are who we are.

You can trust us. We trust you.
Nothing matters more to us as we foster relationships in an industry laden with skepticism and cynicism than trust. It’s the foundation of everything we do.

We are professionals.
As cannabis matures, those of us who make our living growing, packaging and selling it need more than ever reliable and accountable players to do what we say we will.

We are fighting for a better world.
Our founders actively participate in the shaping of this industry, so that all who work in cannabis can prosper as the product of our efforts. And it is vital to us that this company begin to heal the damage done by the war on drugs.


Our mission is to elevate the lives and livelihoods of people who consume or work in cannabis, especially in communities damaged by the war on drugs.

That starts with who we hire, and how we treat them.

At Nimble, we want to plant a very clear flag in the ground, right now: this is a company whose mission is to begin to heal the damage done by the war on drugs. Where we can most quickly put our money where our mouths are is in hiring diverse talent, and donating money and time to organizations that advance equity.

We pledge to train, hire and help grow the skills and education of people most affected by cannabis’ long and unjust prohibition in America. We are building new relationships with organizations that work closely with communities affected by the war on drugs. We are developing training programs for those recently incarcerated, and hiring initiatives for those recently off of probation and parole for drug-related offenses.

We know this mission will evolve. But it’s important to us to start somewhere, and to start somewhere specific, and profound. As we grow and change, we invite feedback and ideas about how we can serve the community better, both as employers and as humans. So please reach out to us, and share your brilliant ideas.

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