What is Love Camp for Founder Wellness?

You are a superhero.

The historically excluded (HistExc) cannabis entrepreneur has jumped many hurdles, and the journey is not over. You are the most important success factor in your business. Love Camp is built around three themes:

You – Caring for you. Pouring into you is how your business grows.

Focused coaching – Mental growth and professional success are tied. We go deep with speakers about the mental journey of entrepreneurship. 1:1 coaching is available on topics like building brands and financial acumen/ independence.

Networks – We put founders, funders, experts, and buyers together for meaningful, curated networking time.

What should I expect to gain from Love Camp for Founder Wellness?

Love Camp makes space for one or all of these things to happen. Please go vulnerably and deep with us on this journey.

  • Insight into yourself, specifically for the purpose of being a more mindful leader
  • Strategic planning time and the option to do that with seasoned entrepreneurs and brand experts
  • 1:1 coaching on funding, financial acumen, balancing parenthood and more
  • A much expanded network

What’s in the Guide?

PREP FOR CAMP – What to pack, pre-camp reading

GUIDEBOOK – See who’s coming

SCHEDULE – Daily schedule, links to reserve self-care and coaching sessions

SAFETY – Germs, nature, consumption

FAQs – Your burning questions answered


By incorporating mindful practice to enhance your self awareness, you will refine leadership skills you already have, as well as develop further your emotional agility to adapt as needed — either using what you have or through fostering innovation.

Dr. Audrey Tang
people doing yoga near mountains



What to Wear/ Pack?

Dress in light layers appropriate for outdoor setting. Choose clothes that are comfortable / athletic enough for yoga and short hikes. Layers allow you to adjust for cool mornings / nights and hotter days.

Weather forecast: Lows in mid-50s and highs in upper-80s. No rain, partly cloudy.

Wear casual clothes for Monday (day and night) and Tuesday daytime activities. Pack casual cocktail attire for Tuesday night Founder & Funder Sunset Dinner. (Low to no heels to accommodate grass.) Schedule accommodates time to change into attire for Tuesday evening dinner.

Additional items you’ll need

  • Sunscreen
  • Inhaler/Allergy meds [we will be in nature]
  • Bug spray [provided in camper wellness kit]
  • Journal & Pen [provided in camper wellness kit]
  • Reusable cup for water, tea and/or coffee [provided in camper wellness kit]

Camper Wellness Kit
All campers will receive a wellness kit packed full of goodies to help you take care of yourself, including a reusable drinking cup, sweatshirt, journal, Wyld CBD edibles, Make & Mary CBD tea and more.

Mental Prep (your most important prep)

Love Camp is two days only. Mental growth and breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Prep work is essential to get deep in a short amount of time. The information linked below serves as background and setup for key stories and examples, allowing us to dive deeper with speakers and coaching. Please plan 2 hours to complete prep content.

[Please complete 48 hours prior to start of camp]

Speakers / Coaches

PLEASE NOTE: Speakers won’t be introduced with bios during camp. The prep content linked below gives pertinent background on speakers allowing us to go deeper with subjects quickly.

Jim Baudino*. [5 min read]

Ben Cohen [55 min listen – if in a rush, skip to 29 minutes]

Jesce Horton* [10 min read]

Chuck Lacy*. [3 min read]

Lavetta Willis* [3 min read]

*Speakers with an asterisk are available for scheduling 1:1 coaching sessions. —–> See Daily Schedule below for scheduling links.

Articles + Content

1. Why Mental Health Matters for Entrepreneurs [10 min read]

2. Five Ways to Protect an Entrepreneur’s Mental Health [5 min read]

3. The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results (excerpt) [10 min read]

4. The Power of Vulnerability as an Entrepreneur with Brene Brown [20 min listen]

5. 21 Tips to Use at a Networking Event [5 min read]



Love Camp creates an environment tailor-made for network expansion. Use the guide to find peers, partners, coaches and potential funders for meaningful connections.

Click Here to see: Camp Attendees, Speakers/Coaches & NuProject Team

Founder & Funder Sunset Dinner Guests (link coming soon)



Sunday, August 14

6:30pm to
Eats & drinks hosted by Love Camp Aloft Hotel, W XYZ® Bar
Informal, drop by, grab dinner
8pmBetter late than never: Love Camp pre-reads link

Monday, August 15

7:30amShuttle van departureWhere: Aloft Hotel Parking Lot
8amBreakfast at CampServed on patio (outside)
8:20WelcomeWhere: The Yard (outside)
8:30am Breathing and centering practice with tea ceremony Where: The Yard (outside)
8:50am BREAK
9amLifted YogaMats provided for each campers’ use during session
10amSPEAKER: Chuck Lacy, Barred Rock Fund

TOPIC: How You Scale This
Where: Collab Lab (inside)
30 min talk; 30 Q&A
11amBREAKWhere: anywhere
11:15amSPEAKER: Lavetta Willis, Co-Founder Dada Supreme,
Co-Founder Players’ Only, Principal, Webber Wild Fund and Social Equity Ventures

TOPIC: How I Built This & What Scaling Looks Like for HistExc Entrepreneurs
Where: Collab Lab (inside)
30 min talk; 30 Q&A
Occasional seating on decks, patios and inside
1pm to 5pmHealing Stations
— Gua Sha Face Massages (20 min session, inside)
— Acupuncture (20 min session, inside)
— Self-care walk with prompts (outside)
— Grounding bowl energy session (15 min session, outside)
— Foot soak and leg massage (20 min session, outside)
Schedule your session here

1pm to 5pm1:1 Coaching
— Financial acumen with Faith Anderson (financial literacy)
— Coaching with Chuck Lacy (scaling, financial independence)
— Coaching with Lavetta Willis (marketing, winning against giants)
— Partner prep/ low-pressure feedback with Nu staff (any topic)
Where: Collab lab and living room

40 min sessions

Recommended to reserve ahead of time here

Schedule your session here
5pmGroup Takeaways & Sharing – Reconvene and ReflectWhere: Collab Lab (inside) 
Wine and beer available
6pm to 8pm Fireside Dinner Experience Where: The Yard (outside)
8:15pm Shuttle Van DepartureArrive to Aloft Hotel 8:45/9pm

Tuesday, Aug 16

7:30amShuttle van departureWhere: Aloft Hotel Parking Lot
7:55Arrival to camp & breakfast readyServed outside on patio
8:15amWelcome with a breathing and centering practiceWhere: The yard (outside)
8:30am Sound Healing:
Sound Bath & Guided Meditation with journal and reflection.
Where: The yard (outside)
9:45amSPEAKER: Jesce Horton, CEO, LOWD

TOPIC: How I Built This
Where: Collab Lab (inside)
10:45amm BREAKServed outside on patio
11amSPEAKER: Jim Baudino, Partner, Sands Lane Holdings

TOPIC: How to tell your story –
identifying your brand story and how to best tell it
authentically and through an integrative approach
Where: Collab Lab (inside)
12pm-2:30pmHealing Stations
— Gua Sha Face Massages (20 min session, inside)
— Acupuncture (20 min session, inside)
— Self-care walk with prompts (outside)
— Foot soak and leg massage (20 min session, outside)
— Grounding bowl energy session (20 min, outside) *NEW SLOTS OPEN!*
Outside and inside depending on activity 

Schedule your session here
12-1:30pm LUNCH
12pm to 2:30pm40 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session
— Financial acumen with Faith Anderson (financial literacy)
— Coaching with Chuck Lacy (scaling, financial independence)
— Coaching with Jim Baudino (building cannabis brands, celebrity endorsements and products, cannabis beverages)
— Partner exploration with Nu staff (any topic)
Where: Collab lab and living room.

Reserve 1:1 session before camp:

Schedule your session here
2:30pmBreak & Change for DinnerWhere: Bedrooms and bathrooms (inside)

If schedule allows, change before 2:30pm
3pmSPEAKER: Ben Cohen

TOPIC: How I Built This 
Where: Collab Lab (inside)

30 min talk; 30 Q&A
4pm to 5pmReflect & ShareWhere: Collab Lab (inside)
5pmNETWORKING: Happy HourWhere: The Yard (outside)
6pm – 9pmFounder & Funder Sunset Dinner experience
5 course medicated dinner with cocktails
Additional funders and founders will join us at dinner
Where: The Yard (outside)
8pmEntertainment: Tahirah MemoryWhere: The Yard (outside)
9:15pmShuttle Van DeparturesWhere: Arrival to Aloft Hotel at 9:45/10pm



Preventing the Spread of Germs :

  • COVID Protocol: As rates of COVID continue to increase in the Portland area, we want to ensure the safety of all guests attending this event. We will be indoors and if you choose to, can remain maskless. As such, we will be implementing a COVID protocol that other events around town have started to adopt.  In order to attend this event, you will be required to show proof of a current negative COVID status. The negative COVID status can be completed in two ways:
  1. Purchase and self-administer a COVID-19 Antigen Self Test. To do this, you will need to complete a COVID test no later than Saturday, August 13th. The images of these tests will need to be uploaded via a secure portal. **COVID Testing kits are available in select Walgreens, CVS and Walmart
  2. Schedule a 2-hour COVID PCR Test at your local testing center for the morning of August 13th and upload the result to lovecamp@nuproject.org


OUTDOORS: Be prepared if you have allergies. Bug spray will be provided.

HIKING: Peach Cheesecake Ranch has short hikes along the property. Bring appropriate shoes if you intend to take a hike, which is part of the optional self care.

SMOKE & FIRE: Wildfire season in Oregon is a thing. Be mindful of your own lit material. Smoke drifts are not uncommon. Read here for watch on current wildfires.

HEAT: Multnomah County Heat Precautions in and around the Portland Metro Area.


Mindfully consume with the following in mind:

  • Pace yourself. Networking conversations will happen in the evening, please be mindful of your daytime consumption if interested in engaging meaningfully in these connections.
  • Love Camp shuttle rides available each day for camp attendees. Catching the shuttle is highly encouraged. Shuttle departs from Aloft Hotel (at Cascade Station) at 7:30am each morning.
  • Every guest is required to complete a waiver. Complete a Guest Liability Waiver and submit via email at lovecamp@nuproject.org before you arrive. Download a copy of the waiver below.

“Mindful practice has the potential to enhance emotional resilience — the ability to pick yourself up again following setbacks and continue to perform at your best.”

Dr. Audrey Tang


Where is the Love Camp for Founder Wellness venue?

Directions to Peach Cheesecake Ranch 32815 NE Chamberlain Rd, Corbett, OR 97019

Driving yourself is discouraged. Parking is limited, gas is high, and you can imbibe with a designated driver. Catch the shuttle from the Aloft Hotel (cascade station) at 7:30am each morning.

Where is the hotel (for out of town campers)?

Aloft Hotel [Airport Way] 9920 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220. Show ID upon arrival.

Is transportation from airport to hotel available?

Yes, Hotel shuttle service is complimentary. After exiting the airport, cross the street to the center island where it says “HOTEL SHUTTLE.” A shuttle will arrive within 15 minutes. If needed, number to call the hotel: 503-200-5678.

Can I Uber/Lyft to the Aloft Hotel?

Yes, if you choose, you can ride share at your own expense.

What do I need for hotel check in and departure?

Your name, credit card, and ID. Check-in at Aloft is at 4pm on Sunday unless we have arranged an earlier check in for you. Room fees and taxes are paid as part of Love Camp admission, but you will need to provide a credit card for any incidentals. Room is in your name. No confirmation number needed. Contact the front desk at Aloft: (503) 200-5678 or Dadrianna (NuProject team member) at (862) 238-2774.

Good to know hotel information:

How do I get to Love Camp venue if I’m local in Oregon?

We highly encourage you to ride the Love Camp shuttle van. Park your car at the Aloft Hotel (9920 NE Cascades Pkwy) and catch the shuttle with other campers. Driving yourself is discouraged. Parking is limited, gas is high, and you can imbibe more freely with a designated driver.

What if I need childcare?

Complete this reimbursement form and please include the following information: Descriptions/Situations/Reason for grant.

What to expect for the Founder & Funder Sunset Dinner

  • Bring a change of clothes for dinner. Think “West Coast business casual.” Polished enough for funders but comfortable enough for being outdoors. Dinner is served outside and there is walking / standing / dancing on grass.
  • Great opportunity to build relationships (investors will be in attendance) 
  • Come prepared to talk about yourself and your business

Where can I get my flight details?

Email us at lovecamp@nuproject.org if you have not already received this information. Also please check your spam folders just in case as our emails have been known to go there as well.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks will not be enforced but will be available for use by participants and event staff. If vaccinated, please send vaccine card along with a negative COVID test prior to your arrival.


Pre-Session Signups

Have you scheduled your 20 minute Camp Pre-Session? If not, there are Pre-Session Signups available until 8/11. Meet with NP Staff briefly to get questions answered and provide insight on what. you need most from Love Camp.

Sign up for self-care sessions and coaching 1:1s now.

Mentoring/Coaching 1:1 Signs Ups

Self-Care Scheduling

Peach Cheesecake Ranch Guest Liability Waiver

Every guest onsite is required to have a waiver on file. Be sure to complete a Guest Liability Waiver for Peach Cheesecake Ranch and send to lovecamp@nuproject.org before you arrive. Download a copy of the waiver below.